Easily On Down The Road

I travel a lot, always have. And one of my real joys in my career (besides getting on stage and astonishing my audiences) is figuring out ways to move my show from Point A to Point Z (stopping in between) as efficiently as possible.

Luckily I found two sources of equipment that make it really easy to do this. The first is a Skyroll - www.skyroll.com - a carry-on case that will hold my entire show or a week's worth of clothes PLUS a suit, and fit in any overhead compartment.

There are no extraneous pockets, zippers or compartments. It's just a heavy duty box.

The second thing I found - and only in the last few months - are the packing cubes from Eagle Creek - shop.eaglecreek.com. They are guaranteed for life and make packing, unpacking and storage so much easier.

I am now able to carry two complete shows, tables, sound and my on-stage suit free as carry-on anywhere!

Now is only I can get an upgrade to first class this easily!

peter mennie clean comedy magic show
peter mennie clean comedy magic show

About Peter

Magician Peter Mennie is a veteran Corporate and Special Event entertainment professional presenting a Clean Comedy Magic Show for After Dinner, Gala, Awards Banquet, Corporate and Family Audiences across Canada.
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