Peter Mennie is Canada’s Clean Comedy Magician


My Stage Performance is the recipe for fun. Not only is it a Comedy Magic and Mind Reading Show, but it also is like a Game Show - with huge audience engagement, creating great camaraderie, and best of all - good, clean, amazing entertainment! Everyone is encouraged to make some Choices, take some Chances, and with just enough Chicanery*, I'll reveal their selections.

*Chicanery - Deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry: Trickery (Websters)

Showman's League of America

Who knows, one of your friends might even win "One Million Dollars in Cash and Prizes - or Less!"

Actually, I already know who wins, cause that's my job!

magic show winner

I take great pride in being a Clean Comedy Magician and making my magic show a jaw-dropping combination of 'how-did-he-do-that' Magic & Mind Reading, 'laugh out loud'  Comedic Interaction and never embarrassing Audience Involvement that maximizes both the amazement factor and the laughter quotient - live on stage!

'How do I do it? I’ll never tell! Why do I do it? Because people rarely remember the food, the flowers or fancy frills but they always remember having fun! And in my case, having fun being fooled!'
- Peter Mennie

funny magician special event or party

"Everyone that I have spoken to congratulated me on obtaining you for our Anniversary. They thoroughly enjoyed your performance!"
Independent Order of Oddfellows


Written specifically for more intimate settings of less than 100, my Parlour Show amazes audiences with a more personalized blend of interactive magic and mind reading – right from the comfort of their seats. Your guests actively participate in creating the magic and I'll get them laughing, talking, and best of all, having a great time together!

"It was definitely a success to have you at our event!"
Alexandra Hospital Foundation

"You were a perfect fit!"
Men Who Cook

parlour magic shows small groups
parlour magic shows small groups
parlour magic shows small groups



"Once Peter Mennie took the stage you knew it would be a show that would leave adults and kids in awe of his magic and in stitches from the comedy he effortlessly dishes out."
Blyth Festival Theatre

It's true! I can also bring a show that is the perfect blend of amazing clean family-focused magic, classic kid clown like antics and parent approved pop-culture references to your next Fair, Festival, Party, Carnival, Library, School, or Special Event. Being able to entertain all ages is a goal of mine. I want Moms, Dads and their Kids to be able to enjoy show together.

The Charles W. Stockey Centre

magician magic show deerhurst resort backyardigans

I have combined amazing magic, family-friendly comedy and great music into a show that has opened for The Backyardigans, entertained at top Canadian resorts like Deerhurst, Nottawasaga & Blue Mountain, and sold-out theatres like The Stockey Centre, The Blyth Festival and The Algonquin Theatre. I guarantee it will be the hit of your event as well!


kids audience of magic show

"THEY DIDN'T WANT YOU TO STOP!" Labrador Creative Arts Festival

"A Funny Guy with a

"Fun, Enthusiastic, Entertaining, Interactive & AWESOME!!"


The PERFECT COMBINATION of Magic & Humour!"


"Our BEST Supplier Sales Meeting ever!"


"You kept everyone ENTERTAINED and LAUGHING the ENTIRE TIME!"

"Hilarious, Interactive and Ideal for ANY Event!"

trip advisor

The nighttime entertainment was AMAZING! The kids LOVED Peter Mennie! 

"Our BEST Christmas Party in 20 years!"

"Terrific! JUST GREAT!!"

"We've never laughed so hard!"

Gala Entertainer
"Your sleight of hand is FANTASTIC!"

"Our BEST PARTY ever!"

"EXCELLENT! You really know how to work the crowd!"

"We were all AMAZED as you captivated audiences over two nights. Thank you for going above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make sure we were happy and had a GREAT TIME! "

"You made us feel comfortable and confident that everything was running smoothly. You kept them ENTERTAINED, CAPTIVATED and AMAZED all at the same time and with such ease and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with you!"
Western Fair District

"It will be my pleasure to work with you to make your event sparkle and make you and your guests look good and feel their absolute best. Your audience will be delighted and that's a promise." 
Peter Mennie

peter mennie signature green jacket magician


OK, let's do this! By now you've reached the decision that I am one of your top choices to help you create a successful event! It is a privilege and a pleasure to be considered so let's get started.  Please fill out this form so that I can connect with you and send you some more information on how my participation can be customized just for your gathering. The more information you can supply, the easier it is to answer with a complete offer. I'll reply before the end of business today (or sooner!),

Or you can call me anytime: