Performing With Pandemic Precautions

Performing With Pandemic Precautions

It is possible.

I did my first indoor show of the season on the weekend.

For those of you who may not know, most of our province has gone to Stage 3 of opening. This means that, among other openings, indoor performance venues are allowed to do business but with an audience limit of 50 people (this does not include cast and crew).

In my case, it was for a client who was anxiously waiting for S3 in order for the shows to begin.

Here’s how it was done. The room holds about 250 but the regional limit was 50 with distancing. The manager set up small cabaret tables with 4-6 chairs around each table and each setting was 6 feet (2m) apart. The front row was about 10 feet from the stage and the tables were staggered so each had a great view of centre stage.

The event wasn’t ticketed, it was by reservation. Everyone had to wear a mask – including the kids (it was a family event). Funny aside – kids under 12 are not required to mask up but when I told everyone they must have a mask to volunteer, they ALL put them on!

Seventy-six people reserved and it was first-come admission. The management had set up a simulcast to another room to accommodate the overflow. As it turned out, about 45 showed up so the limit wasn’t reached.

Both of my volunteer routines were presented ‘no contact’, with the kids onstage six feet to either side of me. We all sanitized before the routines started.

So how was it received? Well, aside from ALL of my shows being well received (?), this one was even more so because the audience was starving for the ‘live experience’. They were willing to follow the protocols, as I was, in order to be entertained. After the first few minutes everyone forgot about it. It was what it was. We were truly ‘all in it together’ and it was a lot of fun.

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