TV Tricks – Part 26 – Mathemagic on Location!

TV Tricks – Part 26 – Mathemagic on Location!

Every year that I did Daytime (over 15) I had to come up with two routines for each of the monthly appearances each year. The only exception to that was for the summer months.

Everyone needs some time off and a live television show is no exception. Every June the entire production would move on location to one of London’s landmarks (Storybook, Harris Park, The Forks) and record 3-4 shows in one run that were broadcast numerous times across the summer.

We were outside, usually in the hot sun, battling wind and other elements (passers-by in the background shots), so the tricks had to be bulletproof – so to speak.

This is one of those tricks. 

About Peter

Magician Peter Mennie is a veteran Corporate and Special Event entertainment professional presenting a Clean Comedy Magic Show for After Dinner, Gala, Awards Banquet, Corporate and Family Audiences across Canada.
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