TV Tricks – Part 24 – It’s An Awakening!

TV Tricks – Part 24 – It’s An Awakening!

I remember when I got the inspiration to add this routine to the show. Almost a decade ago I was sitting in the parking lot of a northern library waiting to go in and set up. I had some time to kill and I was listening to a podcast with its creator. He was describing the routine (which most magicians have done for years) and that he had a new idea.

He’s an acquaintance and I respect his thinking on old classic magic. I had to give it a try.

So I performed my own magic – I went online with my Blackberry phone (in the parking lot) and ordered it online. It was ten years ago and THAT was the real trick!

It was waiting for me at the end of my tour.

About Peter

Magician Peter Mennie is a veteran Corporate and Special Event entertainment professional presenting a Clean Comedy Magic Show for After Dinner, Gala, Awards Banquet, Corporate and Family Audiences across Canada.
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