TBT – The Last Rogers Special: #12

TBT – The Last Rogers Special: #12

This was my last television special for Rogers. It was an even dozen when it ended. 10 hours in total. The first one was in 1977 and it was 'stand over there and do your show.' 'Are you done?' 'That's a wrap' (21 minutes and 43 seconds)

The next one (1980), and all the rest were written to the second to fit either an hour or a half-hour.

I realized too that because of the medium I was in, I could do some unique illusions. One year we spent the better part of a day on-site making a limo appear. then the next year, even longer making it disappear.

Final fun fact: every theatre we shot in (except for The Palace where these last four were recorded) have met the wrecking ball.

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