TV Tricks #56 & #56½ – The Biggest Trick(s) Of My Career.

TV Tricks #56 & #56½ – The Biggest Trick(s) Of My Career.

I get asked, all the time, 'What's the biggest show you've ever done?' That's a hard one because I don't think about how many people are in the audience. I think about entertaining everyone who is there.

Of course, I never knew how many were watching those television specials I did for RogersTV. Beyond my family, I'm sure there were a couple of dozen!

I can show you the largest trick I've ever done. Actually the two largest tricks I've ever done. They were the appearance and vanish of a full size limosine. The first, the appearance was for one special and the vanish was for the the following special.

These took place back in the 80's (that's why I have hair!) It was an interesting pitch meeting to my director. For the appearance, I 'borrowed' the lawn of a local school, set up my camcorder on the ground, grabbed my bedsheet and made my Grand Caravan appear - with my wife and tech guy holding the sheet.

The vanish was a little more elaborate to pitch. I built a model of the tent out of Lego and brought it into the studio to show the director. It took a bit to explain to him the 'process' but he finally understood it.

Both tapings took the greater part of the day to record and everyone/thing you see onscreen was donated.

And no, I have no desire to recreate them.

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