Whether you need entertainment before the meal, throughout the entire reception, or even for the rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, discover what is just beginning to take hold in Ontario. Peter Mennie and his Strolling Wedding Magic is a sure-fire way to make your wedding reception even more memorable. Bring in an entertainer who will be unexpected, elegant, entertaining, memorable, and will make sure every guest at the wedding – old or young, has a moment of amazement and joy tailored just for them. It will be a stand-out experience on an already special day.

With Peter as your Wedding Magician, dead time disappears!

As hosts, you are the thread that connects everyone at your wedding. All of your friends and family will be coming together to help you celebrate this extra-special occasion, but you can't be everywhere at once. Many of your guests will be meeting one another for the very first time and may feel awkward mingling. You can relax with Peter Mennie as your Strolling Wedding Entertainment as his years of experience performing at wedding receptions shines through. His wedding magic will bring your friends and both sides of the family together and get them laughing, talking, and best of all, having a great time together.

After the ceremony, couples typically head off with the photographer leaving the guests to mingle by themselves and this can be awkward. This is where Peter's Wedding Magic shines as you will return to your guests laughing and already having a great time together.

Your wedding will be unforgettable with such a unique form of  entertainment! Peter's routines are designed to get your loved ones involved in the magic and sharing an experience together so that they will have  something to discuss long after Peter has moved on to entertain another group.